5 Creative Baby Shower Prizes

Pregnancy is this delicate time period that a mother goes through in which she is subjected to all kinds of emotions; pain, happiness, intrigue, worry, caution, by 9 months she almost becomes a different person. So, it’s a very nice and elating gesture for friends and family to organize a nice baby weighing scale ceremony for the mother and her family.

You obviously want the mother and baby to be well and healthy and have nothing but love for them. But without a nice baby shower present, you expressing love and care for them feels a little incomplete, isn’t it? Now, let’s say you bought a baby shower present, but among other guests and their gifts, yours feel a little out of place. The present you bought is probably a really wrong choice for the ceremony. Even among your loved ones, you will feel quite embarrassed.

To avoid that kind of embarrassment, here are 5 Creative Baby Shower Prizes that will satisfy all parties involved.

1. Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Pack

Wanna make your baby feel warm and nice when you cover him/her in a blanket? Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Pack might just be your answer. Parents can use this delicate pattern wraps for many purposes – swaddling cloth, burp cloth, car seat drape, tummy mat, or as a clean-up cloth. What makes it so comforting is the combination of cotton and bamboo rayon. This swaddle pack also contains the black and white prints of core designs – Knuckle Sandwich, Zoonicorns, and Gemstones. The Buttermilk Babies Swaddle provides a silky, floofy feel, unlike the cotton swaddles.

These blankets are made of soft but thin fabric, making them perfect for a family living in a hot climate. They can protect your baby from the fury of hot sun, without increasing perspiration. This is a kind of present that will be sure to put a smile on the mother’s face

2. Creative Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys are quite popular among little babies. Here are a few that are quite good as a baby shower present.

Surprizamals Series 4 Pack:

This set of stuffed animals for babies are a safe bet when it comes to making them happy. They have catchy designs and are delightful little playthings in your newborn’s hand.

Jellycat Bunny:

Jellycat is one of the most popular brands in the business of making stuffed toys. This Bunny toy is the brand of soft and cute animals that kids gravitate to. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and are lightweight and soft. Definitely, buy this one as a present.

Aurora World Sweet and Softer Perky Penguin:

This is a super adorable, incredibly cute penguin stuffed animal that kids will head-over-heels fall for. The friendly face of this penguin will definitely have your kid smiling ear-to-ear, make sure to include this as a gift.

3. Skip Hop Baby Boys’ 4 Piece Welcome Home Set:

This is four-piece cotton set consists of a short-sleeved bodysuit, a knit cap, jersey cardigan, and footed leggings. It is available in the market in three colors – pink, blue, and gender neutral gray. This super-fluffy, 100% cotton combo provides it with a gentle fit for your baby’s soft, delicate skin.

4. Pottery Barn Kids Nursery Critter Towels:

This is the kind of shower prize that will instantly please the mother. I mean, it’s quite justified, because the comfort this towel provides when it is wrapped upon the kid is immense. Critter Towels are made of thick cotton velour and terry, which will provide softness and absorption to the finished product.

It’s very easy on the eyes as well, with its catchy designs that will make the towel resemble a cute, adorable, friendly elephant.

5. The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set:

Talk about multipurpose. This extremely handy, incredibly alluring gift set will help you make the mother’s heart fill with joy if you choose to gift it. The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set has seven necessary items made of uncontaminated ingredients. The items include wipes, diapers, sanitizing spray, healing balm, face and body lotion, shampoo and body wash, and a teether. These are all emergency-need stuff if we are talking about babies. And all this, assembled together, will probably make a mother say that “it doesn’t get better than this!”


One must make sure that they are not ruining the fun-element of a ceremony like the baby shower. By buying a gift that makes a mother happy, you are actually doing a lot more than you think. This gift is maybe just a courtesy to you, but it will be like a slight pressure-reliever for the new mother.

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