My Unbiased Review Of Audio-Technica AT2020USB

As the Era of desktop mic gradually draws to a close, the USB microphone is fast gaining ground. It is quickly replacing the traditional studio equipment which usually carries a hefty price tag. Audio-Technica is a front runner and has brought with it years of studio experience into the new USB microphone. The audio Technica AT2020USB microphone improves your desktop audio quality without the need for a mixing desk. It’s one of the best USB microphones available in the market & is very simple and easy to use. It works well with Mac and PCs. It is a great audio enhancer for voice over, podcast, webinars as well as Skype and Google hangouts. It delivers a sound quality that is superior to other microphones in its price range.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB

Features of the Audio Technica AT2020USB

Quality design

The AT2020USB microphone is made from metal to be durable. It feels sturdy and will not crack if it falls or takes a hit. It has a low mass custom-engineered diaphragm for longer frequency response and premium fleeting response. It is compact and nothing sticks out of it that can be broken. The capsule is tucked safely behind a metal grille. It has a black iodized finish to it. The USB connector is directly on the bottom of the microphone and stays on tightly. It is hard to detach or bend. It comes with a 10ft USB cable that you can plug into your computer or recording equipment. All you need to do is connect it to your computer, adjust the sound levels and you’re good to go.

Along with the microphone is a simple tripod stand for sitting on a table while you talk. The legs of the tripod stand fold in and out and has a knob to allow you to adjust the angle of the microphone. It also comes with a pivoted threaded stand mount for secure attachment and meticulous placement of the microphone. On the product packaging, it is indicated that it includes an exclusive podcast sound set. The podcast sound set is a downloadable sound bank with loops and sound effects. There is a code in the box which acts as a key for you to download it.

Also included in the box is a handy pouch and a user manual. The zipped pouch is padded and made from durable leather-like material. The pouch holds in the microphone, the tripod stand and the USB cable. It ends up tight when you put the items in it. The user manual carries operating instructions and illustrations with some details on how to set up and use with a Mac.

The audio Technica AT2020USB microphone weighs 12.1 oz (345 g) and has a dimension of 6.38 x 2.05 inches. The Output Connector is Integral 3-pin XLRM-type.

Audio output. 

Let’s get the specifications and technicalities out of the way. The AT2020USB microphone has a fixed-charge backplate and permanently polarized condenser element. With a cardioid polar pattern, it has a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz and an open circuit sensitivity of –37 dB (14.1 mV) re 1V at 1 PA. It has a maximum input sound level of 144 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D. The dynamic range is 124 dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL and impedance is 100 ohms. Signal-to-Noise ratio is 74 dB, 1 kHz at 1 PA and the Phantom Power Requirement is 48V DC, 2 mA typical.

The microphone is extremely sensitive. It can pick up any ambient noise or taps from a keyboard. For this reason, it can only be optimally utilized in a studio or your private room where you can control the ambiance.  It has low self-noise. When you are working with a microphone there’s a hiss you’d notice, that’s the microphone picking up a sort of hum due to its sensitivity.

The sound quality is fantastic. You do not have to speak directly into the mic for it to pick up sounds. At about two feet or more away it works fine. The audio quality is a vast improvement from that recorded with a built-in microphone or a webcam. The vocals are a lot clearer, detailed and sound more natural as well.

If you turn away from the camera you will experience an audio shift. This is due to the cardioid recording polar pattern. It picks up every sound in the triangular area in front of it. If you turn the microphone around, the quality of the audio will drop.

To get the absolute best out of this speaker it is a good idea to get a pop filter. If you are wondering what a pop filter does, it filters the sound that gets into the mic. When you pronounce words that have a strong consonant sound like the P note, the rush of air over the mic produces an unattractive sound. The pop filter takes the hit and keeps your pitch level at all times.


It is very simple and easy to use and it works well with Mac and PCs. You would not encounter any problems connecting this microphone to your computer. As it does not have the high-end features, you don’t need to tune it to fit specific devices or software programs.

The price tag is a 

The price tag is juicy and irresistible. For a couple of bucks you can improve your recording sessions. It has a remarkable sound production that is better than a lot of traditional condenser microphone of similar price range.

It has a solid build quality. It is compact and has no hanging parts. It’s got a nice heft to it and it is not bogus. This makes it very comfortable to work with.

It has solid audio quality. It can be used by everyone to do a voice-over, webinars and audio recordings. It has a nice rich tone to it and sounds natural. It filters ambient noises outside of the triangular recording field.

It is a great choice for recording all acoustic instruments. The sound is really clear and you are drawn in when recording an acoustic guitar, mouth organ and piano. The sound reproduction is exquisite and anyone who listens to it will feel like they were in the room it was recorded.

It has a warranty period of over a year. This means that if your mic develops a fault that is entirely not caused by you, it can be exchanged.


It would have been great if the microphone had some sort of pop filter. This may look like a non-issue until you have to pronounce words that have strong P sound such as Potato. The sound reproduced when a word such as this is pronounced is not pleasant.

It picks up unwanted sound. The overtly sensitive microphone picks up any and every sound in the cardioid radius. This means all sounds, whether you like it or not. To prevent this and get the best from your microphone you have to use it in a really quiet environment.

The cardioid recording pattern means it can not be used by many people at the same time. Anyone sitting behind and out of the microphone radius is cut off.

It is simple to use and doesn’t have some high-end features. It is great for basic recordings and cannot be used for more serious purposes such as in radio stations.

It does not have built-in volume control and everything has to be controlled from the PC. It does not have a headphone jack so you can’t do self-monitoring. Self-monitoring is like what you’ll see on a radio show where the presenters are wearing headphones. It is to keep an eye or ear on what they’re saying in real-time. This is good for making sure they sound as good as possible.

Some buyers have complained about a funky paint finish. It has a few black paint freckles on it. It almost looks like someone dipped a brush into black paint and flicked it.

People with a high pitched voice do not get the best reproduction of sound. They have to use a pop filter to level out the tone of their voice.


The audio Technica AT2020USB cardioid condenser microphone is valuable to anyone with a plan to have a career in podcasts and webinars. It is handy and connects easily to PCs, Mac and other recording software. You can also use it to record your private piano sessions and replay it to a friend. The AT2020USB is very sensitive and picks up sounds in its cardioid radius. If the features are not motivating enough for you to pick up one, take a look at the price tag. It is affordable and does pretty well for the price point.…

Christmas Movies – The Tried, Tested and Appreciated

Certain traditions are meant to be honored.

Not that watching movies doesn’t happen every day, through midnights and odd timings with streaming services running extensive packages but the event of the holiday movie is a well-kept tradition. It is time-honored and exclusively kept for bonding between family, friends or even those who wish to spend it in solace and quiet. No two people prefer the same movie and therefore, making a list of Christmas movies becomes difficult in the sense of accommodating varying needs. Under the light of some common emotions of love for family and friends, the holiday essence in the background, happiness sometimes tinged with the mediocrity of real life and sweet cliché romance, here is what we think are the 6 Best Christmas Movies.

Home Alone

No holiday season or even a December is truly spent without indulging in the Home Alone series. The movies tackle every parent’s nightmare and every child’s dream as it delves through the ultimate joy of playing pranks in an extremely hilarious ‘life-or-death’ situation. Classic scenes of the movie include a familiar equation of Kevin McAllister running into bad guys, declaring a home turf that he fights to protect from their external invasion and a series of well-planned tricks that seem so simple yet highly effective.

Call it a childhood fantasy or the pure glee derived from a small child outwitting a pair of grown men (no, it doesn’t count that they are a bit lacking in their thinking capabilities), but this movie never fails to amuse a wide range of audience.

Happy Christmas

If you want the classic movie trope of a picture-perfect family that follows the routine path set by many others before them before someone with widely differing views shows them a million different paths and many more possibilities to live and not simply exist, Happy Christmas is for you. When we say tropes, we mean tropes – imagine viewing responsibility with a light eye, throwing parties at a minute’s notice, pushing your friends to do the limits while reminding them that this is their one chance. The tentative whispers of the essence of female friendships make it into the film as well.

The feel-good movie attempts to gift-wrap truth bombs and convinces you that if you’re not happy with your life, you can’t complain about it without stepping up and taking action.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween and Christmas may be two stark holidays but no one can deny the connection, least of all which is the flow of a timeline. Tim Burton uses this connection to bring this animated movie to life, playing on the edge of two events, and using his skills to display human emotions where one least expects it. Jack Skellington is the ‘Pumpkin King’ and successfully conducts Halloween – however, this has left him bored with the routine, until he steps in Christmas Town and wishes for the same joy. This leads to a series of mishaps, like a skeleton Santa and spooky presents for Christmas, underlined by a genuine desire for the holiday happiness.

Apart from a general fascination for animated movies for their appeal to every individual, the movie makes it to the list because it talks about appreciating what you have.

Office Christmas Party

Honestly, there is neither a plotline nor any discernible factor for this movie to make through. The laughs one gets from the over-the-top party and alcohol-generated wildness covers an entirely different side of welcoming holidays. Let’s also not forget sibling rivalry, and Jennifer Aniston, as the key elements. T.J.Miller and Jason Bateman come together to concoct the most millennial plan to sign up a potential client by influencing him with the wildest party so as to discourage Aniston from shutting them down.

Watch this one for your not-so traditional holiday tradition. Ideal company for this movie should include friends and not family, please. Those who have watched this movie already will know the reason.

A Christmas Tale

A shout-out for those people who like to soak in some foreign culture and venture for films beyond their comfort zone – A Christmas Tale covers these criteria efficiently. However, do not gloss over the movie as completely lacking in traditional aspects of a holiday movie; it’s got the family feels , the heavy emotions and a wonderful scene of a matriarch taking care of the family, the latter making this movie a must-watch.

Sibling love is at its finest moment and your heart goes out for baby Joseph whose genetic condition requires an immediate bone marrow transplant but finds no suitable donor among his family. His eventual death draws a deep divide between members of the family and the friction constantly draws out the viewers’ emotions.

Edward Scissorhands

This is not your conventional Christmas movie and barely qualifies as a holiday movie, but Tim Burton’s excellence in conveying the need of acceptance of everyone is more warmth than you would get from a blanket and hot chocolate. Not to forget, the quirkiness, the images of a misunderstood man with scissor hands, the Frankenstein vibes, the comedic relief of haircuts and trimming hedges and tones of dark fantasy are a change from the usual tone of holiday movies.

Burton and the ever-adaptable Depp weave a beautiful tale of a man who looks beyond society’s expectations but only yearns for the human emotions of affection and closeness and whose gentleness is as stark as his appearance.

5 Creative Baby Shower Prizes

Pregnancy is this delicate time period that a mother goes through in which she is subjected to all kinds of emotions; pain, happiness, intrigue, worry, caution, by 9 months she almost becomes a different person. So, it’s a very nice and elating gesture for friends and family to organize a nice baby shower ceremony for the mother and her family.

You obviously want the mother and baby to be well and healthy and have nothing but love for them. But without a nice baby shower present, you expressing love and care for them feels a little incomplete, isn’t it? Now, let’s say you bought a baby shower present, but among other guests and their gifts, yours feel a little out of place. The present you bought is probably a really wrong choice for the ceremony. Even among your loved ones, you will feel quite embarrassed.

To avoid that kind of embarrassment, here are 5 Creative Baby Shower Prizes that will satisfy all parties involved.

1. Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Pack

Wanna make your baby feel warm and nice when you cover him/her in a blanket? Buttermilk Babies Swaddle Pack might just be your answer. Parents can use this delicate pattern wraps for many purposes – swaddling cloth, burp cloth, car seat drape, tummy mat, or as a clean-up cloth. What makes it so comforting is the combination of cotton and bamboo rayon. This swaddle pack also contains the black and white prints of core designs – Knuckle Sandwich, Zoonicorns, and Gemstones. The Buttermilk Babies Swaddle provides a silky, floofy feel, unlike the cotton swaddles.

These blankets are made of soft but thin fabric, making them perfect for a family living in a hot climate. They can protect your baby from the fury of hot sun, without increasing perspiration. This is a kind of present that will be sure to put a smile on the mother’s face

2. Creative Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys are quite popular among little babies. Here are a few that are quite good as a baby shower present.

Surprizamals Series 4 Pack:

This set of stuffed animals for babies are a safe bet when it comes to making them happy. They have catchy designs and are delightful little playthings in your newborn’s hand.

Jellycat Bunny:

Jellycat is one of the most popular brands in the business of making stuffed toys. This Bunny toy is the brand of soft and cute animals that kids gravitate to. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and are lightweight and soft. Definitely, buy this one as a present.

Aurora World Sweet and Softer Perky Penguin:

This is a super adorable, incredibly cute penguin stuffed animal that kids will head-over-heels fall for. The friendly face of this penguin will definitely have your kid smiling ear-to-ear, make sure to include this as a gift.

3. Skip Hop Baby Boys’ 4 Piece Welcome Home Set:

This is four-piece cotton set consists of a short-sleeved bodysuit, a knit cap, jersey cardigan, and footed leggings. It is available in the market in three colors – pink, blue, and gender neutral gray. This super-fluffy, 100% cotton combo provides it with a gentle fit for your baby’s soft, delicate skin.

4. Pottery Barn Kids Nursery Critter Towels:

This is the kind of shower prize that will instantly please the mother. I mean, it’s quite justified, because the comfort this towel provides when it is wrapped upon the kid is immense. Critter Towels are made of thick cotton velour and terry, which will provide softness and absorption to the finished product.

It’s very easy on the eyes as well, with its catchy designs that will make the towel resemble a cute, adorable, friendly elephant.

5. The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set:

Talk about multipurpose. This extremely handy, incredibly alluring gift set will help you make the mother’s heart fill with joy if you choose to gift it. The Honest Baby Arrival Gift Set has seven necessary items made of uncontaminated ingredients. The items include wipes, diapers, sanitizing spray, healing balm, face and body lotion, shampoo and body wash, and a teether. These are all emergency-need stuff if we are talking about babies. And all this, assembled together, will probably make a mother say that “it doesn’t get better than this!”


One must make sure that they are not ruining the fun-element of a ceremony like the baby shower. By buying a gift that makes a mother happy, you are actually doing a lot more than you think. This gift is maybe just a courtesy to you, but it will be like a slight pressure-reliever for the new mother.…

25 Girl Names That Give You a Leg Up In Life

Giving your child a name is much more than just for identification. It doesn’t matter if your name is ultra modern or super traditional, a name means a lot, and is very purposeful in shaping your persona. Regardless of gender, a name must intrigue a person. It should elicit a feeling that the name holder is of charming and friendly personality. The impression that a name creates is much stronger than many anticipate.

Here are 25 Girl names that can give you a leg up in life.

1. Isabella

Isabella, a name of spanish origin, means pledged to God. Easy to see why this is popular because it is as traditional as it is modern. It’s feminine, romantic and has appeal throughout the world.

2. Amelia

Amelia is a name of Latin origins, which means work. It is derived from the Germanic name Amalia. It’s simple to enunciate and yet has a powerful personality.

3. Emily:

Emily is a Latin originated name meaning rival. It’s simple, feminine, polite, yet powerful.

4. Rebbeca

This is a very classical, gravitas filled name that’s pretty popular nowadays as well. It’s of Hebrew origin, meaning God’s servant.

5. Sarah

Although this a Hebrew origin name that means Princess, It is a pretty commonly used named by everyone. It exudes femininity and vulnerability.

6. Sophia

Sophia has greek origin meaning wisdom or skill. There is a sensuous sound to the name when enunciated and oozes feminine quality. It also indicates sophistication with a few letters.

7. Madeline

This name implies a softness and delicacy, and yet has such a strong pedigree. It’s a name of English origin than means high tower.

8. Charlotte

Charlotte is a name that has both English and French origins. It means Free, and true to the meaning has a sense of liberation about it. This name is also pretty popular in fiction.

9. Cora

Cora is a name of Greek origin, which means maiden. This is an old-fashioned name but is a popular choice for its contemporary feeling.


Now that’s a unique sounding name. It has also quite a poetic meaning, too: maiden. This has a Celtic origin, and people are gravitating towards this oddly attractive name more and more.


Florence was a popular name in the US during the late 19th century. It dipped in popularity for a while but is popular again these days. It is a Latin originated name meaning prosperous.

12. Abigail

Abigail is a pretty popular name of Hebrew origins, meaning Joy Of The Father. Feminine and filled with strength, this would be a good choice for a name.

13. Mia

A simple, unfussy name which is of Scandinavian origin meaning mine or bitter. Its simplicity is its biggest asset, along with a sense of sweetness.

14. Olivia

Blissfully modern. Probably the most popular name of the last 15 years in the US. It’s of Latin origin meaning olive tree.

15. Natalie

This name never gets out of fashion or dated. It’s effortless,sweet, and untainted. Natalie has French origin, meaning christmas day.

16. Camila

A variant of Camilla and of spanish origin, Camila means young religious servant. It’s exotic and renders a subtle maturity to its holder.

17. Zoey

Zoey has greek origin meaning life or alive. It’s vibrant, and wholesome, and is a perfect fit in the modern era.

18. Hazel

Hazel is an English name meaning the hazelnut tree. It’s stylish and whimsical while oozing with sweetness.

19. Scarlett

Scarlett is a great combination of attitude, passion, and extravagance. This English originated name means bright red.

20. Chloe

Sweet and lively while easy on the tongue, it’s not hard to see why this is always on the popularity chart. Chloe is a greek originated name that means green shoot.

21. Claire

Claire, a French name that means clear, is a delicate, stylish name. It’s as simple as it is elegant.

22. Elena

A name of flair and elegance, Elena, is a popular choice among parents. It’s of greek origin meaning shining light.

23. Julia

Julia is quiet a timeless name that’s of Latin origin, meaning youthful. It’s a name that has a lot of heart and gentleness.

24. Aubrey

Although this english originated name’s meaning elf ruler is quite strange, it’s a spunky and elegantly modern name, which would be a very good one for your newborn.

25. Ava

Short and sweet with a ton of charm, It’s hard not to see why Ava is rocking the popularity charts. This is of Latin origin, meaning to live.

Treat Your Car like Royalty

Car maintenance after the first few months of purchasing a car sees an impending decrease as most car owners are distracted by more pressing responsibilities. Don’t forget though, your car is with you every step of every day. Here’s what your car truly deserves.


You can never regret investing in an air freshner for your car. It could be a dumping ground (which ideally it shouldn’t be, especially after reading this article) but a good smell can be one good thing to look forward to when taking your car out for drives. You can have a simple deodorizer hanging from the rearview mirror and it can be any smell you would prefer.

Tighten the loose change

Don’t leave anything hanging around – literally and metaphorically. It starts with a coin and while a treasure hunt is super fun to engage in, digging under the seats for spare change when you want to pay for a toll booth or when you finally engage in the Friday cleaning is the least desirable outcome. Getting an empty plastic container is the least worrisome activity; we humans have made sure of that. While objectively this is a bad thing, subjectively reusing an empty container works out both in the short and long run.

Knock the shoes off

We don’t mean literally, that would just increase the mess. We mean giving your shoes a good, well-meaning, still-stay-on-the-feet tap that allows the accumulated dirt to fall off to a certain extent. Dirty shoes mean dirty floor mat and a variety of smells that you do not want your worst enemies to be subjected to after a hot summer day. Regularly change your floor mats, if they are disposable, or put them through a cleaning regime as well to maintain your car.

Seat covers

Seat covers can never be a luxury, especially if you are a parent and own children and/or pets. Consider those materials that are easy to clean stains off and always make sure they are covered after a pool visit. Clean your seats as well with a simple vacuuming process that sucks most dirt and anything that manages to get in the nooks and corners as well as the crevices, which shouldn’t surprise any car owner at this point, but it still does.

I mean – how is that chip there? How is there a pin there when you especially didn’t need one?

You need a car kit

We cannot stress this point more than yelling it off random rooftops, hence the blog. Keep a care kit of essential items; this can vary depending on the type of person using the car and your daily routine. The families with young children and pets find this tactic most useful and convenient, especially if the parents have jobs. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is almost mandatory to forget certain essentials and whine about your bad luck. Well, you can save the whining for the capitalist forces sucking out the humanity of the world with a simple car kit that must be maintained and updated regularly. No expired sunscreen, please – you might as well have none.

Clean those air vents

If this is the 10th website you are visiting on efficient car cleaning, then this will be the 10th time that you will be seeing this point. Keep a foam brush handy, they are most efficient in maintaining clean air vents, which must be done on a regular basis. You do not want the dust to accumulate and cause breathing problems to the regular inhabitants of the care, or worse, decide to handle the mess on a Friday night and having to witness the mess that you so carefully postponed indefinitely until then.

A temporary trash can

A DIY trash can – we definitely are pointing to a plastic cover – or an empty container that is sturdy and can handle liquid messes as well is a must in every car of any type of individual. This eases your cleaning processes by a great percentage and simplifies your workload by just taking out the trash and ensuring no large-sized wrappers continue their existence within the confines of your car; yes, that McDonald’s wrapper.

Cleaning Hacks – windows and headlights

Remove any unwanted stickers by using a hair dryer pointed long enough to soften the glue and remove the patch. Toothpaste will help greatly in removing the old look and yellowing fade of your headlights. Coffee filters go a long way for removing the accumulated dust. Water and vinegar are enough for seat stains.

Feel new

For the new car smell, all you need is 2 cups baking soda, at least 10 drops of a good-smelling essential oil gathered together in a bag till the baking soda absorbs the oil. Sprinkle some of the mixture on your carpets and let it sit for half an hour before vacuuming up.

War Zones

Every war has its zones, commanders and soldiers. Your car needs this, too. For organizational purposes, keep the driver’s area exceptionally reformed and neat with minimal clutter and any other object as well. The passengers’ area can afford more content for the purposes of tending to the needs of the respective inhabitants, albeit in a tidy manner and kept organized for more than the minute it took to settle it down in the first place. The last zone becomes more important as the storage area – this must be demarcated as well for all errands such as shopping and impromptu events such as beach trips to run smoothly.

A dash of clean

A clean dashboard is a visually appealing dashboard and all that requires is a touch of Vaseline. A touch means a touch, please do not apply a heavy coat of Vaseline and expect it to be shiny and smooth – there is a heavy difference between crisp and loaded with grease. Clean off the existing dust and brush a barely-there coat of Vaseline and brush that off with a rag as well.

8 Musical Movies That Are Way Too Good

Movies, by themselves, are irresistible. Events unraveling towards a satisfying ending with a few pointers towards moral lessons, emotions and general dilemmas keep the audience hanging. Add a well-directed musical among movie genres and you can be rest assured that the viewers will be engaged partly by the musical scores. If you still have old movies CD, but your latest TV Doesn’t supports it. You might require TV DVD Combo, which you could buy. We are here to appeal to you about the next part – how well the music melds with a storyline that keeps you strapped to the seat, in a need to consume more.

Les Miserables

Set in 19th century France, this musical deserves every bit of praise and tears it receives on a regular basis. The musical, based on the novel of the same name, narrates the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict trying to find his place in the society after the French Revolution and finding his destiny with a child while being hunted down by his past in the form of Inspector Javert. It talks about the importance of recognizing every individual’s suffering, the mis-judgement society offers freely, and how such different tones of persecution should inspire humans to come together, sympathize and empathize to find their way together.


A British musical drama based on Charles Dicken’s book, the film effortlessly conveys the timeless tale into a musical fantasy. In search of ‘Food, Glorious Food’, Oliver’s mistreatment begins from asking for more to eat to attempting to survive at the hands of various irresponsible adults under the historical background of Victorian England. The musical aspires towards, and succeeds at, appealing towards a wide range of audience with its respect towards the original classic, the bright and cheerful songs, the striking innocence of the children and Oliver Twist in particular and the simple ending that earned the musical 6 Oscars.

The Phantom of The Opera

This musical is widely revered for tackling the passions of human emotions to great extents and showcasing the willingness of humans to commit acts of gruesome violence for the sake of love and revenge. It plays with the morality of human consciousness and the gray area of the same when human emotions come to the center stage. So when the Phantom kills two innocent individuals in his attempts to get at Christine, the apparent love of his life – what justifies the act? In this manner, the Phantom brings forward society’s cruel reaction towards seeing a damaged exterior and failing to see the goodness inside. An individual this contrasting in terms of talent, shrewdness and desperation in expressing emotions brings a fresh perspective to the viewer’s intellectual side.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman requires no pre-requisite reasoning or a deeply invested reasoning for watching, or even re-watching. It is a completely feel-good musical that yearns at the 5-year old in you to believe in the fairness of the world and wants to break into a dance routine every time a monumental event happens. Hugh Jackman could do no more justice to his role in believing the best of everything, including complete faith in his capabilities to make it and ensure his family is proud and taken care of. Each role and each established actor provide a performance that would not be easily forgotten that culminate into a well-meaning moral lesson of not letting your success get to your head.

The Sound of Music

No introductions are necessary for this classic and no individual, even someone who claims to have not had any exposure to entertainment, would have missed this musical dream. Julie Andrews as a lead has never disappointed, and still doesn’t in this creation with her enthusiasm, her deep care and concern for the children under her care and a chaste romance that leaves all viewers with a flutter in their heart. Taking her place as a governess to the children under her care, Andrews transforms the role of Maria into an absolute delight, bringing out the characteristics and appealing attributes of each of the Von Trapp children and easing the rules and regulations of the household.


No, not the animated film – this version instead comes with a welcome cultural twist that spoke of inclusivity, magic and the power of dreams. With Whitney Houston as the fairy godmother and constant encouragement, this musical film could ask for no more but still delivers on the optimistic storyline.

Brandy Norwood’s innocent and optimistic portrayal of Cinderella who attempts to stand her own to her relatives is the motivation all young girls look forward to. The film’s subtle push towards being true to yourself and who you are rings throughout the storyline towards finding love that lasts more than a lifetime.

Fiddler on the Roof

This musical film beautifully tackles key questions and worries faced by the Jewish community at that time period. The patriarch of the film, Tevye, is the father of five daughters and gives his best efforts towards preserving the cultural and religious traditions of a typical Jewish household. However, his daughters are strong-willed woman who allow themselves to be equally influenced by external forces and command a say in their choice of partners. This, along with other circumstantial changes, causes Tevye great anxiety in taking decisions impacting the future of the household. His frequent conversations and queries with God, and simultaneously with the audience, force the viewers to think about the fear of being trapped under an identity instead of being considered a mere human.


Two powerful women sensations that brought forward the true meaning of ‘femme fatale’ and provided life to Velma and Roxie as power-hungry and driven by their need for more and better – a storyline like this requires no further advertisement. The musical was based on a 1926 play written by a reporter of Chicago Tribune, Maurine Watkins. The female leads display how any event can be taken out of context to propel to stardom in an arena where the most gruesome rumors attract the greatest audience, as Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly engage in this dangerous dance.