25 Girl Names That Give You a Leg Up In Life

Giving your child a name is much more than just for identification. It doesn’t matter if your name is ultra modern or super traditional, a name means a lot, and is very purposeful in shaping your persona. Regardless of gender, a name must intrigue a person. It should elicit a feeling that the name holder is of charming and friendly personality. The impression that a name creates is much stronger than many anticipate.

Here are 25 Girl names that can give you a leg up in life.

1. Isabella

Isabella, a name of spanish origin, means pledged to God. Easy to see why this is popular because it is as traditional as it is modern. It’s feminine, romantic and has appeal throughout the world.

2. Amelia

Amelia is a name of Latin origins, which means work. It is derived from the Germanic name Amalia. It’s simple to enunciate and yet has a powerful personality.

3. Emily:

Emily is a Latin originated name meaning rival. It’s simple, feminine, polite, yet powerful.

4. Rebbeca

This is a very classical, gravitas filled name that’s pretty popular nowadays as well. It’s of Hebrew origin, meaning God’s servant.

5. Sarah

Although this a Hebrew origin name that means Princess, It is a pretty commonly used named by everyone. It exudes femininity and vulnerability.

6. Sophia

Sophia has greek origin meaning wisdom or skill. There is a sensuous sound to the name when enunciated and oozes feminine quality. It also indicates sophistication with a few letters.

7. Madeline

This name implies a softness and delicacy, and yet has such a strong pedigree. It’s a name of English origin than means high tower.

8. Charlotte

Charlotte is a name that has both English and French origins. It means Free, and true to the meaning has a sense of liberation about it. This name is also pretty popular in fiction.

9. Cora

Cora is a name of Greek origin, which means maiden. This is an old-fashioned name but is a popular choice for its contemporary feeling.


Now that’s a unique sounding name. It has also quite a poetic meaning, too: maiden. This has a Celtic origin, and people are gravitating towards this oddly attractive name more and more.


Florence was a popular name in the US during the late 19th century. It dipped in popularity for a while but is popular again these days. It is a Latin originated name meaning prosperous.

12. Abigail

Abigail is a pretty popular name of Hebrew origins, meaning Joy Of The Father. Feminine and filled with strength, this would be a good choice for a name.

13. Mia

A simple, unfussy name which is of Scandinavian origin meaning mine or bitter. Its simplicity is its biggest asset, along with a sense of sweetness.

14. Olivia

Blissfully modern. Probably the most popular name of the last 15 years in the US. It’s of Latin origin meaning olive tree.

15. Natalie

This name never gets out of fashion or dated. It’s effortless,sweet, and untainted. Natalie has French origin, meaning christmas day.

16. Camila

A variant of Camilla and of spanish origin, Camila means young religious servant. It’s exotic and renders a subtle maturity to its holder.

17. Zoey

Zoey has greek origin meaning life or alive. It’s vibrant, and wholesome, and is a perfect fit in the modern era.

18. Hazel

Hazel is an English name meaning the hazelnut tree. It’s stylish and whimsical while oozing with sweetness.

19. Scarlett

Scarlett is a great combination of attitude, passion, and extravagance. This English originated name means bright red.

20. Chloe

Sweet and lively while easy on the tongue, it’s not hard to see why this is always on the popularity chart. Chloe is a greek originated name that means green shoot.

21. Claire

Claire, a French name that means clear, is a delicate, stylish name. It’s as simple as it is elegant.

22. Elena

A name of flair and elegance, Elena, is a popular choice among parents. It’s of greek origin meaning shining light.

23. Julia

Julia is quiet a timeless name that’s of Latin origin, meaning youthful. It’s a name that has a lot of heart and gentleness.

24. Aubrey

Although this english originated name’s meaning elf ruler is quite strange, it’s a spunky and elegantly modern name, which would be a very good one for your newborn.

25. Ava

Short and sweet with a ton of charm, It’s hard not to see why Ava is rocking the popularity charts. This is of Latin origin, meaning to live.