5 Best Bluetooth Speakers In India Buying Guide

The days of the home surround sound system are gone. People are always on the move, and they cannot carry the home theater system with them. That’s where the Bluetooth speakers came into the picture. With portability, connectivity, and excellent sound quality, people prefer Bluetooth speakers over traditional speakers. There are many benefits of getting Bluetooth speakers in India, as they are portable and quite affordable.

But, the people always mess up with their buying decision and end up with the third-class product. If you are willing to buy a new Bluetooth speaker and don’t want to mess with your buying decision, you should know how to perform the proper research. With the proper research, you can easily choose Bluetooth speakers in India. In this post, we will list a few points that will help you choose the best Bluetooth speakers in India.

bluetooth speaker buying guide

Bluetooth Speakers in India Buying Guide

There are a few things that you should check before shortlisting the best Bluetooth speakers in India. All you have to do is to cross-check these points, and you’ll end up with the best speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

#1 – Connectivity Strength

As the name suggests, the Bluetooth speakers are powered with Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth connectivity, you get a wireless and hassle-free connection. But, we do have to consider the strength of the connection. If you are getting any wireless product, then you should check the connection strength. Having an extended range is highly essential in this case.

If you don’t check the connectivity strength of the range, then you may not find the Bluetooth speaker useful. Also, weak connectivity means that you’ll face frequent connection drops or lag. That’s why you should carefully check out everything and get the speaker that has decent connectivity strength and range.

#2 – Output Lag

When it comes to the wireless Bluetooth speakers, you should not ignore the output lag. The output lag is nothing but the lag of the transmission of the data to the speaker. When you start playing with the smartphone, the signal takes some time to reach the speaker. With the low output lag, you won’t notice the output lag or delay while playing the songs. Usually, having an outlook of fewer than ten milliseconds is ideal. So, make sure to check for the latency or the output lag specifications while choosing the best Bluetooth speakers. If your budget is low ie. around 1000, then expect more output lag.

#3 – Sound Quality

Sound quality is the reason why you prefer the Bluetooth speaker. That’s why you should never ignore the sound quality or the volume levels of any Bluetooth speaker. The use of high-quality speaker units will ensure the highest sound quality and also power. If you prefer bass or the treble, make sure if the speaker supports the same or not. Also, it’s essential to check if the speaker comes with an adjustable volume or not. If it doesn’t, then it’s the first thing that you are going to scrape from your shortlist.

Most of the time, the smaller size may compromise the sound quality. But, if your preferences are the size, then you can adjust with the minor sound quality sacrifice. Otherwise, better to check for the sound quality and the power in the specifications sheet.

#4 – Compatibility

The Bluetooth devices use the wireless connection protocol. With the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0, many Bluetooth speakers are getting equipped with the same protocol. But, the compatibility factor arises here, as the older smartphones or laptops may not have the same protocol. If you buy the Bluetooth speaker without checking the compatibility, then it’s a complete waste of your money.

If you have the device with the older version of Bluetooth, then you might face issues with Speaker pairing. If you find it easy to pair the device, then there will be some range of problems and quality problems. Altogether, it’s better to spend some time and check the compatibility of the Bluetooth speaker with your device is the best bet.

#5 – Battery Backup

As the Bluetooth speakers are wireless, they get power from the inbuilt battery source. If you always take out the Bluetooth speakers outdoors, then you should consider the battery backup before anything else. With the powerful battery, the device will charge fastly and provide power to the speaker units for a long time. A powerful battery and long backup will help you enjoy the music for a long time.

The usual battery backup of the Bluetooth speakers on continuous usage is three to eight hours. If you use it with the proper time intervals or keep it idle, then the battery will last for more than 24 hours. Consider the Bluetooth speakers that have the Lithium-ion battery, as it holds more charge and provides better battery backup.

Final Words

Buying anything from the market is not an easy thing. You should perform at least the basic research before choosing the best Bluetooth speakers in India. We know there are many people who have wasted their money buying Bluetooth speakers that are of the lowest quality. To help such people and first time Bluetooth speaker buyers, we shared this guide on how to choose the best Bluetooth speakers in India. All you have to do is to check out all of these points in any of the speakers that you are willing to buy. If the product fulfills all the criteria and your budget requirements, then you can buy the best Bluetooth speaker for your music listening needs.…