5 Best Bluetooth Speakers In India Buying Guide

The days of the home surround sound system are gone. People are always on the move, and they cannot carry the home theater system with them. That’s where the Bluetooth speakers came into the picture. With portability, connectivity, and excellent sound quality, people prefer Bluetooth speakers over traditional speakers. There are many benefits of getting Bluetooth speakers in India, as they are portable and quite affordable.

But, the people always mess up with their buying decision and end up with the third-class product. If you are willing to buy a new Bluetooth speaker and don’t want to mess with your buying decision, you should know how to perform the proper research. With the proper research, you can easily choose Bluetooth speakers in India. In this post, we will list a few points that will help you choose the best Bluetooth speakers in India.

bluetooth speaker buying guide

Bluetooth Speakers in India Buying Guide

There are a few things that you should check before shortlisting the best Bluetooth speakers in India. All you have to do is to cross-check these points, and you’ll end up with the best speaker with Bluetooth connectivity.

#1 – Connectivity Strength

As the name suggests, the Bluetooth speakers are powered with Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth connectivity, you get a wireless and hassle-free connection. But, we do have to consider the strength of the connection. If you are getting any wireless product, then you should check the connection strength. Having an extended range is highly essential in this case.

If you don’t check the connectivity strength of the range, then you may not find the Bluetooth speaker useful. Also, weak connectivity means that you’ll face frequent connection drops or lag. That’s why you should carefully check out everything and get the speaker that has decent connectivity strength and range.

#2 – Output Lag

When it comes to the wireless Bluetooth speakers, you should not ignore the output lag. The output lag is nothing but the lag of the transmission of the data to the speaker. When you start playing with the smartphone, the signal takes some time to reach the speaker. With the low output lag, you won’t notice the output lag or delay while playing the songs. Usually, having an outlook of fewer than ten milliseconds is ideal. So, make sure to check for the latency or the output lag specifications while choosing the best Bluetooth speakers. If your budget is low ie. around 1000, then expect more output lag.

#3 – Sound Quality

Sound quality is the reason why you prefer the Bluetooth speaker. That’s why you should never ignore the sound quality or the volume levels of any Bluetooth speaker. The use of high-quality speaker units will ensure the highest sound quality and also power. If you prefer bass or the treble, make sure if the speaker supports the same or not. Also, it’s essential to check if the speaker comes with an adjustable volume or not. If it doesn’t, then it’s the first thing that you are going to scrape from your shortlist.

Most of the time, the smaller size may compromise the sound quality. But, if your preferences are the size, then you can adjust with the minor sound quality sacrifice. Otherwise, better to check for the sound quality and the power in the specifications sheet.

#4 – Compatibility

The Bluetooth devices use the wireless connection protocol. With the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0, many Bluetooth speakers are getting equipped with the same protocol. But, the compatibility factor arises here, as the older smartphones or laptops may not have the same protocol. If you buy the Bluetooth speaker without checking the compatibility, then it’s a complete waste of your money.

If you have the device with the older version of Bluetooth, then you might face issues with Speaker pairing. If you find it easy to pair the device, then there will be some range of problems and quality problems. Altogether, it’s better to spend some time and check the compatibility of the Bluetooth speaker with your device is the best bet.

#5 – Battery Backup

As the Bluetooth speakers are wireless, they get power from the inbuilt battery source. If you always take out the Bluetooth speakers outdoors, then you should consider the battery backup before anything else. With the powerful battery, the device will charge fastly and provide power to the speaker units for a long time. A powerful battery and long backup will help you enjoy the music for a long time.

The usual battery backup of the Bluetooth speakers on continuous usage is three to eight hours. If you use it with the proper time intervals or keep it idle, then the battery will last for more than 24 hours. Consider the Bluetooth speakers that have the Lithium-ion battery, as it holds more charge and provides better battery backup.

Final Words

Buying anything from the market is not an easy thing. You should perform at least the basic research before choosing the best Bluetooth speakers in India. We know there are many people who have wasted their money buying Bluetooth speakers that are of the lowest quality. To help such people and first time Bluetooth speaker buyers, we shared this guide on how to choose the best Bluetooth speakers in India. All you have to do is to check out all of these points in any of the speakers that you are willing to buy. If the product fulfills all the criteria and your budget requirements, then you can buy the best Bluetooth speaker for your music listening needs.…


If you are looking for a treadmill that has high-intensity, low-impact training with engaging, interactive technology, NORDICTRACK COMMERCIAL X22I INCLINE TRAINER is the treadmill for you.

To see if this treadmill acknowledges your needs perfectly, keep reading.



The NordicTrack Commercial x22i is designed for the runners and people who enjoy incline walkers and additionally want all the extras:

  1. It has a 22 inches wide interactive touch screen
  2. The Commercial x22i provides a plus 40% incline and a minus 6% decline for optimal burning of calories.
  3. Along with the incliner and decliner it offers, abundant training programs with multiple incline and speed options.
  4. Equipped with a sled-push option for upper body engagement and strengthening your posture.
  5. It has a sturdy frame with steel cross beams and sidebars that allows any rough usage of the machine.
  6. Cushioning is another brilliant feature of Nordictrack Commercial x22i which allows ease during your cardio.
  7. The Nordictrack Commercial x22i extends a 1-year free iFit subscription with a personal trainer and led classes.

Comes with a warranty of:

  • 10 years on the frame.
  • 2 years on the parts
  • 1 year on the labor


notri screen.jpg

The incliner range from +40% to -6% allows users to challenge their muscles and calories are burnt up to 5 times more effective than the usual rate.

The 22-inch screen is best suited for outdoor exercises due to its various features

The x22i frame is comprised of two steel side beams and three steel cross side beams that support the platform.

The 22inches x 60 inches deck has reflective cushioning which means it responds to the pressure generated on it.

The 2.5 inches rollers provide better balance.

The NordicTrack Commercial x22i provides 50 preset workouts

The X22i is powered by a 4.0 CHP self-cooling motor with a capacity to hit a high speed of 12 mph.

The 22 inches wide and 60 inches long track simplifies your workout experience.

The x22i has Bluetooth facility and speakers to amplify your favorite music.

NordicTrack Incline Trainers also comprise the feature of heart rate monitoring, via two options, which are:

Handlebar sensors or ;

An iFit Bluetooth wireless chest strap that comes with the purchase.

Ledge for phone or tablet.

There are two large storage pockets behind the screen which are deep enough to hold most water bottles.

The extra pockets on the sides of the screen comprehend space for a wallet or a phone. However, the design of the x22i does not allow an extra storage tray under the console.

Dual Fans with four settings: low, medium, high, and Auto, which is quite necessary with a machine with such features.


The price being on the expensive side makes it a little less affordable.

The x22i essentially requires a subscription to the iFit which is free for the first year and a Wi-Fi connection.

The x22i is not foldable and is not movable easily.

300 lb is the maximum weight capacity for this treadmill.

Given the size of the treadmill, it takes up a lot of room.

There is no separate tablet holder on the treadmill.

The cushioning is not adjustable.



If you are looking for a trainer for HII training or you are an athlete, this is the treadmill for you, with a large screen, high tech functions and features like sled-push, it will make your cardio worth the while, admittedly being on the pricier side, but it is worth the money.…

NordicTrack S22i Exercise Bike Review – Pros and Cons (2020)

Nothing’s better than a personalized, at-home bike studio. You can exercise at any time suitable for you. It provides immense strength to the legs and boosts up the stamina of the body. Awarded as the number 1 and best bike in 2020 let’s have a glimpse at NordicTrack S22i Exercise Bike’s pros and cons.

Pros of this bike:

  1. Incline/Decline – You will be amazed to know that NordicTrack’s S22i is the only bike with one of a kind having a +20% Incline and -10% decline angle. All thanks to the exceptional motor on the bike.
  2. Advanced Technology – The S22i is filled up with recent technologies which make it different from average bikes. Starting from the 22” High Definition screen showing you clear visuals of each second, also recording your workouts. It also has an automated adjustment system for incline, decline, change resistance, and much more. It’s worth the money deal.
  3. iFit package: Customers get a one-year free membership of iFit including 16000 + workout and cardio sessions, biking sessions globally from all around the world, training sessions from the best trainers, and much more. Sounds great, isn’t it?
  4. Accessories granted: This at-home bike is itself the best bike anyone can ever ask for. It has manual controls for resistance. This bike has 3 points of adjustments which many bikes don’t have. These are handlebars (up/down), seat adjustment (forward / backward). Handlebars containing infinite resting points to make the biker comfortable and at ease. Even speakers are also in-built in the bike to provide maximum comfort. Status bar above displays every minute information.
  5. Integrated Google Maps: The S22i has a unique feature having integrated google maps through which you can travel anywhere around the world just by sitting at your home at your own pace.
  6. Personalized: This is a 100% personalized experience.
  7. Weight – Lifting: The bike offers you an additional experience where it provides integrated weight lifting including two 3 pound dumbbells and dumbbell holders. While the bike will help your legs to gain strength, dumbbells will provide strength to hands and various other parts of the body.

Cons of this bike:

  1. The screen is not displayed if you cancel membership: This is bad news indeed. The bike screen will turn itself off once, your free membership duration is over and you have to pay for iFit programs to turn it on. This means that your health status also won’t be checked if you don’t pay for the membership.
  2. Rigid seat: The bike comes with unlimited features of adjustments moving up, down, or back and forth. But through the persona experience, my people faced the issue of the rigid seat and found it difficult to sit for longer durations of time.
  3. Wi-fi necessity – The iFit program runs on the wi-fi network. So it’s always necessary to have a good secured connection to have your screen turned on. Without a network connection, the screen will not turn on.
  4. Instructor Control – When you accept the iFit program, the instructor or trainer controls your incline decline and manages your screen. You cannot do that on your own as it is one of their major policy framework.
  5. Pedal: The pedals in the bike are too enclosed and most of the time customers face issues while cycling in shoes as it’s not that safer and convenient.
  6. Device holder: The bike has no storage space for device holders such as your cell- phones or tablets. So, if you need to keep them close, you need to purchase a new device holder for you.

Lifespan TR1200 DTS Treadmill Desk Review


What would probably be more sorted out and time-saving than working a laptop along with burning calories? The Lifespan TR1200 DT5 Treadmill desk has enabled people to carry on with their workouts even in their busy schedules. Generally, people quit going to the gyms for a very colloquial reason; that is the intense workload they get and hence the health and fitness aspect of life gets neglected. Combining work and exercise both at the same moment has been made easy. TR1200-DT5 treadmill desk improves your blood circulation and takes care of your heart at the same time.

Reviews on the lifespan TR1200 DT5 treadmill desk:

No doubt the treadmill holds a number of benefits in it, but with the reviews mentioned in this article, it would be easy for you to decide whether to rely on it or not.

Features of the treadmill:

1. Has a desk located: The main feature that exists in the treadmill is that comes with a desk and hence, office work and jogging, or running can be done at the same time.

2. Desktop width: The width can be selected as per, the choice of the trainee. The width range from 38”-48” is available.

3. Adaptable desktop size: The customization of the desktop size and color can be easily done.

4. Weight capacity: The treadmill has the ability to hold the weight of about 350lbs.

Ratings: 4.7 stars.

Price: $1,299 ; 97,477 Indian Rs.

Pros and cons of the treadmill


1. Lenient usage: The lifespan TR1200 DT5 treadmill desk is easy to use. There are fewer buttons displayed and hence, difficulty in understanding the usage of the machine is avoided. The buttons consist of the switching button through which you can start the machine, the stop/pause button, and then enter/mode button.

2. Satisfactory price: The price of the treadmill is quite reasonable and also worthy. The machine has the potential to work up to 6 hours a day and also has a speed limit of 0.4-4mph.

3. Large desktop: The desktop is large enough to hold not only a laptop or a tablet but also a glass of juice or any kind of refresher. The desktop is 33.5” to 52.5” above the deck.

4. Modifiable height: The height of the treadmill is adjustable and ranges from 4’10” to 6’8” tall.


1. Absence of Incline: There is no incline rate in the treadmill. This is one important disadvantage of the treadmill which is disliked by a lot of people.

2. Lack of compilation: The machine does not come assembled and is delivered in 5 different pieces hence it can be inconvenient and tiring to fix all of those and then start using it.

3. Difficulty in maintaining: The lifespan TR1200 DT5 treadmill desk is not maintenance-free and needs to be retained and utilized properly and safely.

4. Plastic elements: The components used are made of plastic and hence, some people find it less striking and the components tend to get scratches easily.

These were the features, pros, and cons of the machine which may help you accelerate your thought of giving the TR1200 DT5 a try.


The Lifespan TR1200 DT5 treadmill desk is widely utilized and owned since it beholds certain benefits and features. The reviews on the treadmill are proclaimed in the above article and all those things which are liked and disliked by us are mentioned too. The Lifespan TR1200 DT5 treadmill desk has become the need of an hour and in today’s era. It can be used by the people who find it too difficult or lazy to invest a lot of time working out.…


With so many options out there, if you are looking for a treadmill that is easily foldable yet covers all your needs for a good run, SOLE F80 might be the one for you.

However, you would want to go through this article before making your purchase to know what you are investing into.



  • The Sole F80 Treadmill is 66 inches extended in height, weighing 278 lbs, 82 inches long and 37 inches wide with a weight capacity of 375 lbs, the running surface measures 22”x 60”, the rollers are 2.5 inches, the box dimensions are 86” x 38” x 17” and step up is 8 inches high.


  • The Sole F80 is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker compatible, a tablet or a phone holder, USB device Charging, Bluetooth compatibility, cooling fans, and a sound system.
  • Sole F80 has 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs, and 2 heart programs.
  • Along with the above, it also has a heart monitor with pulse grips and chest straps.
  • The workout display is a 9 inches LCD, black and white.
  • Sole F80 has a Motor which is 3.5 HP, DC type, and a 2 ply belt.
  • SOLE F80 can speed within the range of 0.5 to 12 mph and incline from 0 to 15 levels.
  • Easily foldable treadmill.


  • The frame, monitor, and deck come with a warranty of a lifetime.
  • Electronics and parts have a warranty for 5 years.
  • Labor has a warranty for 2 years.


Available at rupees 1,95,000


  • The frame is solid and well built, the treadmill is sturdy with steel side beams that frame the deck and steel cross beams at the top and middle of the deck.
  • The handlebars have an adhesive coating that makes your jogging more comfortable.


The 60 inches long and 22 inches wide running belt offers a lot of room for the convenient workout, especially for a folding treadmill.

The 2-ply belt provides a soft running surface.

The motor is smooth and noiseless, even if you are working out at the maximum inclined level of the SOLE F80.

The SOLE F80 has ten programs, which includes:

6 Preset Workouts on the Sole F80 namely: Manual, Hill, Fat burn, Cardio, Strength, and HIIT.

Two custom programs.

Two heart rate training programs.

There are buttons available for each program just below the screen, for easy access.


The F80 is a tough competition for other machines considering 15 levels of incline ranges provided.

The storage is another impressive feature of the F80. In addition to two large pockets on either side of the console, an additional storage tray spans the width of the deck under the console, which has another three large pockets for additional storage.

Lifetime warranty.


  • The F80 is not very tech-savvy, as it does not have features like touch screen which most modern treadmills possess.
  • The side rails tend to get sticky due to the material when there is sweat pouring in.
  • The fan just above the screen is not as useful as one would think.
  • You might find it heavy while folding the SOLE F80.
  • There are no separate buttons for speed and incline options.


The Sole F80 may not be for the ones looking for a high tech treadmill but if you are a heavy runner who likes steady, well-built material, this is the treadmill for you.…

NordicTrack Commercial x22i Incline Trainer Treadmill Review: Pros and Cons ( 2020)

Getting fit and having a wonderful body is almost every person’s dream. Isn’t it? Keeping this is in mind NordicTrack brings fully personalized workout experience at your doorstep. Introducing, NordicTrack’s Incline Trainer Treadmills, combined and connected with i-fit training.

NordicTrack is a recognized and awarded company. Still, the pros and cons are sides of the same coin. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the x22i incline trainer treadmill.

Pros of Incline trainer:

  1. Inbuilt web browser – Surfing web browser along with working out. Amazing. Isn’t it? The X9 and X11 models will allow you to watch your favorite workout videos or read your important emails or sometimes even for tuning in your favorite music. All of this in a single treadmill!
  2. Longer Belt – Gone are the days with treadmills comprising shorter belts that everyone finds annoying and on which you can only walk and not run. NordicTrack’s new range of treadmills provides you longer as well as fully comfortable belts.

Helps in burning 5 times the calories than the average treadmill – With it’s amazing and extraordinary features an incline trainer treadmill allows you to burn 5 times the calories and that too at a minimum amount of time.

iFit virtual reality fun – iFit provides you innumerable workout programs and live interactive sessions with various trainers. Also, you can track your performance via iFit and download a lot of workout programs to watch later. A perfect treadmill designed for gym freaks and enthusiasts.

Fully personalized – There are times when you prefer inside workouts rather than running or walking outside. Well, an incline trainer is the best option to be adopted then. You can exercise and run as much as you can and that too while staying indoors. The whole new design allows you to work out hard and be less exhausted. I would say, for athletes, runners and sportspersons this is a perfect deal and you just cannot miss on this.

Cons :

  1. Cannot be folded – Unlike some of its treadmills, NordicTrack’s x22i incline trainer treadmill cannot be folded. So, this one takes a lot of space primarily because of its high features, design, and setup. If you’re looking for a folding one you can hop onto other models and not an incline trainer.
  2. Adjustable cushioning not present – No wonder the cushioning system is great but a lot of people like to cushion up for their comfort according to them or adjust it according to their own needs or sometimes because of their health reason. Unfortunately, this feature too is not present in the recent model of NordicTrack. Therefore, you cannot adjust the cushions.
  3. Execrable control board – From the many reviews, I read on Google and Yahoo, the control board was a major issue for a lot of people. They found at the very beginning the control board went all off and they had to contact the customer care to have it solved. Although, they got speedy service, still why the need to go through all this procedure at first call? Isn’t it?
  4. Skyscraping price – NordicTrack x22i commercial incline trainer treadmills will cost you $3999. Isn’t this one sky – scraping? This high rise was not expected by a lot of people and this lofty price gave them a huge disappointment. And, I too believe that somewhere along with the fancy features the price is a bit too high. Also, you need to have a mandatory iFit membership which is free of cost for only 1 year.

My Unbiased Review Of Audio-Technica AT2020USB

As the Era of desktop mic gradually draws to a close, the USB microphone is fast gaining ground. It is quickly replacing the traditional studio equipment which usually carries a hefty price tag. Audio-Technica is a front runner and has brought with it years of studio experience into the new USB microphone. The audio Technica AT2020USB microphone improves your desktop audio quality without the need for a mixing desk. It’s one of the best USB microphones available in the market & is very simple and easy to use. It works well with Mac and PCs. It is a great audio enhancer for voice over, podcast, webinars as well as Skype and Google hangouts. It delivers a sound quality that is superior to other microphones in its price range.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB

Features of the Audio Technica AT2020USB

Quality design

The AT2020USB microphone is made from metal to be durable. It feels sturdy and will not crack if it falls or takes a hit. It has a low mass custom-engineered diaphragm for longer frequency response and premium fleeting response. It is compact and nothing sticks out of it that can be broken. The capsule is tucked safely behind a metal grille. It has a black iodized finish to it. The USB connector is directly on the bottom of the microphone and stays on tightly. It is hard to detach or bend. It comes with a 10ft USB cable that you can plug into your computer or recording equipment. All you need to do is connect it to your computer, adjust the sound levels and you’re good to go.

Along with the microphone is a simple tripod stand for sitting on a table while you talk. The legs of the tripod stand fold in and out and has a knob to allow you to adjust the angle of the microphone. It also comes with a pivoted threaded stand mount for secure attachment and meticulous placement of the microphone. On the product packaging, it is indicated that it includes an exclusive podcast sound set. The podcast sound set is a downloadable sound bank with loops and sound effects. There is a code in the box which acts as a key for you to download it.

Also included in the box is a handy pouch and a user manual. The zipped pouch is padded and made from durable leather-like material. The pouch holds in the microphone, the tripod stand and the USB cable. It ends up tight when you put the items in it. The user manual carries operating instructions and illustrations with some details on how to set up and use with a Mac.

The audio Technica AT2020USB microphone weighs 12.1 oz (345 g) and has a dimension of 6.38 x 2.05 inches. The Output Connector is Integral 3-pin XLRM-type.

Audio output. 

Let’s get the specifications and technicalities out of the way. The AT2020USB microphone has a fixed-charge backplate and permanently polarized condenser element. With a cardioid polar pattern, it has a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz and an open circuit sensitivity of –37 dB (14.1 mV) re 1V at 1 PA. It has a maximum input sound level of 144 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D. The dynamic range is 124 dB, 1 kHz at Max SPL and impedance is 100 ohms. Signal-to-Noise ratio is 74 dB, 1 kHz at 1 PA and the Phantom Power Requirement is 48V DC, 2 mA typical.

The microphone is extremely sensitive. It can pick up any ambient noise or taps from a keyboard. For this reason, it can only be optimally utilized in a studio or your private room where you can control the ambiance.  It has low self-noise. When you are working with a microphone there’s a hiss you’d notice, that’s the microphone picking up a sort of hum due to its sensitivity.

The sound quality is fantastic. You do not have to speak directly into the mic for it to pick up sounds. At about two feet or more away it works fine. The audio quality is a vast improvement from that recorded with a built-in microphone or a webcam. The vocals are a lot clearer, detailed and sound more natural as well.

If you turn away from the camera you will experience an audio shift. This is due to the cardioid recording polar pattern. It picks up every sound in the triangular area in front of it. If you turn the microphone around, the quality of the audio will drop.

To get the absolute best out of this speaker it is a good idea to get a pop filter. If you are wondering what a pop filter does, it filters the sound that gets into the mic. When you pronounce words that have a strong consonant sound like the P note, the rush of air over the mic produces an unattractive sound. The pop filter takes the hit and keeps your pitch level at all times.


It is very simple and easy to use and it works well with Mac and PCs. You would not encounter any problems connecting this microphone to your computer. As it does not have the high-end features, you don’t need to tune it to fit specific devices or software programs.

The price tag is a 

The price tag is juicy and irresistible. For a couple of bucks you can improve your recording sessions. It has a remarkable sound production that is better than a lot of traditional condenser microphone of similar price range.

It has a solid build quality. It is compact and has no hanging parts. It’s got a nice heft to it and it is not bogus. This makes it very comfortable to work with.

It has solid audio quality. It can be used by everyone to do a voice-over, webinars and audio recordings. It has a nice rich tone to it and sounds natural. It filters ambient noises outside of the triangular recording field.

It is a great choice for recording all acoustic instruments. The sound is really clear and you are drawn in when recording an acoustic guitar, mouth organ and piano. The sound reproduction is exquisite and anyone who listens to it will feel like they were in the room it was recorded.

It has a warranty period of over a year. This means that if your mic develops a fault that is entirely not caused by you, it can be exchanged.


It would have been great if the microphone had some sort of pop filter. This may look like a non-issue until you have to pronounce words that have strong P sound such as Potato. The sound reproduced when a word such as this is pronounced is not pleasant.

It picks up unwanted sound. The overtly sensitive microphone picks up any and every sound in the cardioid radius. This means all sounds, whether you like it or not. To prevent this and get the best from your microphone you have to use it in a really quiet environment.

The cardioid recording pattern means it can not be used by many people at the same time. Anyone sitting behind and out of the microphone radius is cut off.

It is simple to use and doesn’t have some high-end features. It is great for basic recordings and cannot be used for more serious purposes such as in radio stations.

It does not have built-in volume control and everything has to be controlled from the PC. It does not have a headphone jack so you can’t do self-monitoring. Self-monitoring is like what you’ll see on a radio show where the presenters are wearing headphones. It is to keep an eye or ear on what they’re saying in real-time. This is good for making sure they sound as good as possible.

Some buyers have complained about a funky paint finish. It has a few black paint freckles on it. It almost looks like someone dipped a brush into black paint and flicked it.

People with a high pitched voice do not get the best reproduction of sound. They have to use a pop filter to level out the tone of their voice.


The audio Technica AT2020USB cardioid condenser microphone is valuable to anyone with a plan to have a career in podcasts and webinars. It is handy and connects easily to PCs, Mac and other recording software. You can also use it to record your private piano sessions and replay it to a friend. The AT2020USB is very sensitive and picks up sounds in its cardioid radius. If the features are not motivating enough for you to pick up one, take a look at the price tag. It is affordable and does pretty well for the price point.…