Christmas Movies – The Tried, Tested and Appreciated

Certain traditions are meant to be honored.

Not that watching movies doesn’t happen every day, through midnights and odd timings with streaming services running extensive packages but the event of the holiday movie is a well-kept tradition. It is time-honored and exclusively kept for bonding between family, friends or even those who wish to spend it in solace and quiet. No two people prefer the same movie and therefore, making a list of Christmas movies becomes difficult in the sense of accommodating varying needs. Under the light of some common emotions of love for family and friends, the holiday essence in the background, happiness sometimes tinged with the mediocrity of real life and sweet cliché romance, here is what we think are the 6 Best Christmas Movies.

Home Alone

No holiday season or even a December is truly spent without indulging in the Home Alone series. The movies tackle every parent’s nightmare and every child’s dream as it delves through the ultimate joy of playing pranks in an extremely hilarious ‘life-or-death’ situation. Classic scenes of the movie include a familiar equation of Kevin McAllister running into bad guys, declaring a home turf that he fights to protect from their external invasion and a series of well-planned tricks that seem so simple yet highly effective.

Call it a childhood fantasy or the pure glee derived from a small child outwitting a pair of grown men (no, it doesn’t count that they are a bit lacking in their thinking capabilities), but this movie never fails to amuse a wide range of audience.

Happy Christmas

If you want the classic movie trope of a picture-perfect family that follows the routine path set by many others before them before someone with widely differing views shows them a million different paths and many more possibilities to live and not simply exist, Happy Christmas is for you. When we say tropes, we mean tropes – imagine viewing responsibility with a light eye, throwing parties at a minute’s notice, pushing your friends to do the limits while reminding them that this is their one chance. The tentative whispers of the essence of female friendships make it into the film as well.

The feel-good movie attempts to gift-wrap truth bombs and convinces you that if you’re not happy with your life, you can’t complain about it without stepping up and taking action.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween and Christmas may be two stark holidays but no one can deny the connection, least of all which is the flow of a timeline. Tim Burton uses this connection to bring this animated movie to life, playing on the edge of two events, and using his skills to display human emotions where one least expects it. Jack Skellington is the ‘Pumpkin King’ and successfully conducts Halloween – however, this has left him bored with the routine, until he steps in Christmas Town and wishes for the same joy. This leads to a series of mishaps, like a skeleton Santa and spooky presents for Christmas, underlined by a genuine desire for the holiday happiness.

Apart from a general fascination for animated movies for their appeal to every individual, the movie makes it to the list because it talks about appreciating what you have.

Office Christmas Party

Honestly, there is neither a plotline nor any discernible factor for this movie to make through. The laughs one gets from the over-the-top party and alcohol-generated wildness covers an entirely different side of welcoming holidays. Let’s also not forget sibling rivalry, and Jennifer Aniston, as the key elements. T.J.Miller and Jason Bateman come together to concoct the most millennial plan to sign up a potential client by influencing him with the wildest party so as to discourage Aniston from shutting them down.

Watch this one for your not-so traditional holiday tradition. Ideal company for this movie should include friends and not family, please. Those who have watched this movie already will know the reason.

A Christmas Tale

A shout-out for those people who like to soak in some foreign culture and venture for films beyond their comfort zone – A Christmas Tale covers these criteria efficiently. However, do not gloss over the movie as completely lacking in traditional aspects of a holiday movie; it’s got the family feels , the heavy emotions and a wonderful scene of a matriarch taking care of the family, the latter making this movie a must-watch.

Sibling love is at its finest moment and your heart goes out for baby Joseph whose genetic condition requires an immediate bone marrow transplant but finds no suitable donor among his family. His eventual death draws a deep divide between members of the family and the friction constantly draws out the viewers’ emotions.

Edward Scissorhands

This is not your conventional Christmas movie and barely qualifies as a holiday movie, but Tim Burton’s excellence in conveying the need of acceptance of everyone is more warmth than you would get from a blanket and hot chocolate. Not to forget, the quirkiness, the images of a misunderstood man with scissor hands, the Frankenstein vibes, the comedic relief of haircuts and trimming hedges and tones of dark fantasy are a change from the usual tone of holiday movies.

Burton and the ever-adaptable Depp weave a beautiful tale of a man who looks beyond society’s expectations but only yearns for the human emotions of affection and closeness and whose gentleness is as stark as his appearance.

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