NordicTrack Commercial x22i Incline Trainer Treadmill Review: Pros and Cons ( 2020)

Getting fit and having a wonderful body is almost every person’s dream. Isn’t it? Keeping this is in mind NordicTrack brings fully personalized workout experience at your doorstep. Introducing, NordicTrack’s Incline Trainer Treadmills, combined and connected with i-fit training.

NordicTrack is a recognized and awarded company. Still, the pros and cons are sides of the same coin. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of the x22i incline trainer treadmill.

Pros of Incline trainer:

  1. Inbuilt web browser – Surfing web browser along with working out. Amazing. Isn’t it? The X9 and X11 models will allow you to watch your favorite workout videos or read your important emails or sometimes even for tuning in your favorite music. All of this in a single treadmill!
  2. Longer Belt – Gone are the days with treadmills comprising shorter belts that everyone finds annoying and on which you can only walk and not run. NordicTrack’s new range of treadmills provides you longer as well as fully comfortable belts.

Helps in burning 5 times the calories than the average treadmill – With it’s amazing and extraordinary features an incline trainer treadmill allows you to burn 5 times the calories and that too at a minimum amount of time.

iFit virtual reality fun – iFit provides you innumerable workout programs and live interactive sessions with various trainers. Also, you can track your performance via iFit and download a lot of workout programs to watch later. A perfect treadmill designed for gym freaks and enthusiasts.

Fully personalized – There are times when you prefer inside workouts rather than running or walking outside. Well, an incline trainer is the best option to be adopted then. You can exercise and run as much as you can and that too while staying indoors. The whole new design allows you to work out hard and be less exhausted. I would say, for athletes, runners and sportspersons this is a perfect deal and you just cannot miss on this.

Cons :

  1. Cannot be folded – Unlike some of its treadmills, NordicTrack’s x22i incline trainer treadmill cannot be folded. So, this one takes a lot of space primarily because of its high features, design, and setup. If you’re looking for a folding one you can hop onto other models and not an incline trainer.
  2. Adjustable cushioning not present – No wonder the cushioning system is great but a lot of people like to cushion up for their comfort according to them or adjust it according to their own needs or sometimes because of their health reason. Unfortunately, this feature too is not present in the recent model of NordicTrack. Therefore, you cannot adjust the cushions.
  3. Execrable control board – From the many reviews, I read on Google and Yahoo, the control board was a major issue for a lot of people. They found at the very beginning the control board went all off and they had to contact the customer care to have it solved. Although, they got speedy service, still why the need to go through all this procedure at first call? Isn’t it?
  4. Skyscraping price – NordicTrack x22i commercial incline trainer treadmills will cost you $3999. Isn’t this one sky – scraping? This high rise was not expected by a lot of people and this lofty price gave them a huge disappointment. And, I too believe that somewhere along with the fancy features the price is a bit too high. Also, you need to have a mandatory iFit membership which is free of cost for only 1 year.

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