NordicTrack S22i Exercise Bike Review – Pros and Cons (2020)

Nothing’s better than a personalized, at-home bike studio. You can exercise at any time suitable for you. It provides immense strength to the legs and boosts up the stamina of the body. Awarded as the number 1 and best bike in 2020 let’s have a glimpse at NordicTrack S22i Exercise Bike’s pros and cons.

Pros of this bike:

  1. Incline/Decline – You will be amazed to know that NordicTrack’s S22i is the only bike with one of a kind having a +20% Incline and -10% decline angle. All thanks to the exceptional motor on the bike.
  2. Advanced Technology – The S22i is filled up with recent technologies which make it different from average bikes. Starting from the 22” High Definition screen showing you clear visuals of each second, also recording your workouts. It also has an automated adjustment system for incline, decline, change resistance, and much more. It’s worth the money deal.
  3. iFit package: Customers get a one-year free membership of iFit including 16000 + workout and cardio sessions, biking sessions globally from all around the world, training sessions from the best trainers, and much more. Sounds great, isn’t it?
  4. Accessories granted: This at-home bike is itself the best bike anyone can ever ask for. It has manual controls for resistance. This bike has 3 points of adjustments which many bikes don’t have. These are handlebars (up/down), seat adjustment (forward / backward). Handlebars containing infinite resting points to make the biker comfortable and at ease. Even speakers are also in-built in the bike to provide maximum comfort. Status bar above displays every minute information.
  5. Integrated Google Maps: The S22i has a unique feature having integrated google maps through which you can travel anywhere around the world just by sitting at your home at your own pace.
  6. Personalized: This is a 100% personalized experience.
  7. Weight – Lifting: The bike offers you an additional experience where it provides integrated weight lifting including two 3 pound dumbbells and dumbbell holders. While the bike will help your legs to gain strength, dumbbells will provide strength to hands and various other parts of the body.

Cons of this bike:

  1. The screen is not displayed if you cancel membership: This is bad news indeed. The bike screen will turn itself off once, your free membership duration is over and you have to pay for iFit programs to turn it on. This means that your health status also won’t be checked if you don’t pay for the membership.
  2. Rigid seat: The bike comes with unlimited features of adjustments moving up, down, or back and forth. But through the persona experience, my people faced the issue of the rigid seat and found it difficult to sit for longer durations of time.
  3. Wi-fi necessity – The iFit program runs on the wi-fi network. So it’s always necessary to have a good secured connection to have your screen turned on. Without a network connection, the screen will not turn on.
  4. Instructor Control – When you accept the iFit program, the instructor or trainer controls your incline decline and manages your screen. You cannot do that on your own as it is one of their major policy framework.
  5. Pedal: The pedals in the bike are too enclosed and most of the time customers face issues while cycling in shoes as it’s not that safer and convenient.
  6. Device holder: The bike has no storage space for device holders such as your cell- phones or tablets. So, if you need to keep them close, you need to purchase a new device holder for you.

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