Treat Your Car like Royalty

Car maintenance after the first few months of purchasing a car sees an impending decrease as most car owners are distracted by more pressing responsibilities. Don’t forget though, your car is with you every step of every day. Here’s what your car truly deserves.


You can never regret investing in an air freshner for your car. It could be a dumping ground (which ideally it shouldn’t be, especially after reading this article) but a good smell can be one good thing to look forward to when taking your car out for drives. You can have a simple deodorizer hanging from the rearview mirror and it can be any smell you would prefer.

Tighten the loose change

Don’t leave anything hanging around – literally and metaphorically. It starts with a coin and while a treasure hunt is super fun to engage in, digging under the seats for spare change when you want to pay for a toll booth or when you finally engage in the Friday cleaning is the least desirable outcome. Getting an empty plastic container is the least worrisome activity; we humans have made sure of that. While objectively this is a bad thing, subjectively reusing an empty container works out both in the short and long run.

Knock the shoes off

We don’t mean literally, that would just increase the mess. We mean giving your shoes a good, well-meaning, still-stay-on-the-feet tap that allows the accumulated dirt to fall off to a certain extent. Dirty shoes mean dirty floor mat and a variety of smells that you do not want your worst enemies to be subjected to after a hot summer day. Regularly change your floor mats, if they are disposable, or put them through a cleaning regime as well to maintain your car.

Seat covers

Seat covers can never be a luxury, especially if you are a parent and own children and/or pets. Consider those materials that are easy to clean stains off and always make sure they are covered after a pool visit. Clean your seats as well with a simple vacuuming process that sucks most dirt and anything that manages to get in the nooks and corners as well as the crevices, which shouldn’t surprise any car owner at this point, but it still does.

I mean – how is that chip there? How is there a pin there when you especially didn’t need one?

You need a car kit

We cannot stress this point more than yelling it off random rooftops, hence the blog. Keep a care kit of essential items; this can vary depending on the type of person using the car and your daily routine. The families with young children and pets find this tactic most useful and convenient, especially if the parents have jobs. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is almost mandatory to forget certain essentials and whine about your bad luck. Well, you can save the whining for the capitalist forces sucking out the humanity of the world with a simple car kit that must be maintained and updated regularly. No expired sunscreen, please – you might as well have none.

Clean those air vents

If this is the 10th website you are visiting on efficient car cleaning, then this will be the 10th time that you will be seeing this point. Keep a foam brush handy, they are most efficient in maintaining clean air vents, which must be done on a regular basis. You do not want the dust to accumulate and cause breathing problems to the regular inhabitants of the care, or worse, decide to handle the mess on a Friday night and having to witness the mess that you so carefully postponed indefinitely until then.

A temporary trash can

A DIY trash can – we definitely are pointing to a plastic cover – or an empty container that is sturdy and can handle liquid messes as well is a must in every car of any type of individual. This eases your cleaning processes by a great percentage and simplifies your workload by just taking out the trash and ensuring no large-sized wrappers continue their existence within the confines of your car; yes, that McDonald’s wrapper.

Cleaning Hacks – windows and headlights

Remove any unwanted stickers by using a hair dryer pointed long enough to soften the glue and remove the patch. Toothpaste will help greatly in removing the old look and yellowing fade of your headlights. Coffee filters go a long way for removing the accumulated dust. Water and vinegar are enough for seat stains.

Feel new

For the new car smell, all you need is 2 cups baking soda, at least 10 drops of a good-smelling essential oil gathered together in a bag till the baking soda absorbs the oil. Sprinkle some of the mixture on your carpets and let it sit for half an hour before vacuuming up.

War Zones

Every war has its zones, commanders and soldiers. Your car needs this, too. For organizational purposes, keep the driver’s area exceptionally reformed and neat with minimal clutter and any other object as well. The passengers’ area can afford more content for the purposes of tending to the needs of the respective inhabitants, albeit in a tidy manner and kept organized for more than the minute it took to settle it down in the first place. The last zone becomes more important as the storage area – this must be demarcated as well for all errands such as shopping and impromptu events such as beach trips to run smoothly.

A dash of clean

A clean dashboard is a visually appealing dashboard and all that requires is a touch of Vaseline. A touch means a touch, please do not apply a heavy coat of Vaseline and expect it to be shiny and smooth – there is a heavy difference between crisp and loaded with grease. Clean off the existing dust and brush a barely-there coat of Vaseline and brush that off with a rag as well.

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